CDCB-AJCA Genetic Evaluations



SITE NOTES, Friday, December 4, 2020:  The web version of the printed December 2020 Green Book has been uploaded. In addition, all PDF and Excel files have been uploaded. Watch for future updates here or on our AJCA Facebook page. Please contact us directly with any questions.   




PDF List of Carrier AI Bulls  (11/20) Excel List of Carrier AI Bulls  (11/20)


  JPI Changes Seen in April 2020:  Read the March Editorial of the Jersey Journal for more information on the changes to genetic evaluations beginning April 2020. Then take a look at the new JPI formula

With nearly 500 A.I. marketed bulls listed after each official CDCB-AJCA release, you need BullsEye. Search, sort and select according to your criteria, then export your list directly to JerseyMate when you are logged on through infoJersey.

Inbreeding Calculator Online:  Get both Pedigree and Genomic Inbreeding for 5 individuals or 5 matings of 5 females to 5 bulls. Plus, get the genomic inbreeding level of a mating when females and bulls are genotyped. Access from the public Tools & Services menu on infoJersey.

HerdView Helper:  Find out how you can customize the Herd Genomic PTA Report in six steps using HerdView.

Videos on Demand:  Bookmark the AJCA-NAJ YouTube Channel for more about Jersey Performance Index and the Jersey nutritional webinar series from National All-Jersey Inc.

Put the Power of Genomics To Work for You

Visit the infoJersey Genomic Testing Center for all your genotyping needs and get 24/7 access to evaluation reports:

  • Jersey uLD test (9K):  $28 per animal (male or female) in REAP herds, or $38 per animal for non-REAP herds, plus CDCB female fee or initial male fee (table below).
  • Jersey LD test (94K):  $37 each animal, REAP herds, or $47 for all others, plus CDCB female fee or initial male fee (table below).
  • Jersey HD test:  $100 each animal, REAP herds, or $115 for all others, plus applicable CDCB fee.


Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding Fees