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  • Jersey uLD Test (9K) $28.00 per animal (male or female) in REAP herds, or $38.00 per animal for non-REAP herds
  • Jersey LD Test (100K) $37.00 each animal REAP herds or $47.00 for all others
  • Jersey HD Test (150K) $100.00 per animal REAP herds or $115.00 for all others

All fees are subject to any applicable CDCB fees to be added on
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JPI Changes 2020

Jersey genetics will push the reset button in April with a new look to genetic summaries. The evaluations will feature Jersey-specific health traits, base change (2020), and a newly formulated Jersey Performance Index (JPI).

Updates to Jersey Performance IndexTM authorized by the AJCA Board of Directors were implemented with the April 2020 official CDCB-AJCA genetic evaluations. JPI-2020 predicts the efficiency of production by expressing lifetime production of fat and protein per unit of feed consumed. New traits included in JPI-2020 are the six Jersey Health Traits and two linear type traits—Rear Teat Placement Side View and Rear Teat Placement Rear View. To learn more please see the read March Editorial for more information on the changes to the genetic evaluations beginning April 2020. Then take a look at the new JPI Formula

Genomic Test Counts

More than 2,400 Jersey owners have used the genomic services available through the American Jersey Cattle Association. The process is as simple as collecting the DNA sample, sending it to the lab, then applying the results of the evaluations. AJCA genomic testing adds power and precision to measure true genetic merit of Registered Jerseys. Genotypes for 30 traits and indexes including the breed specific Jersey Performance Index (JPI) and Jersey Udder Index (JUI), parentag verification and genomic inbreeding measures.

When the DNA component is included, genetic evaluations achieve from 60% to 80% reliability earlier in life and without waiting for her own production and type information. Because time is money, genomic testing is a tremendous investment in your herd's profit potential and genetic marketing opportunities.

Jersey Neuropathy with Splayed Forelimbs (JNS)

New undesirable genetic factor identified in Jersey breed, known as Jersey Neuropathy with Splayed Forelimbs (JNS), has been identified in the Jersey breed. Calves affected with JNS are unable to stand on splayed forelimbs that exhibit significant extensor rigidity and/or excessive lateral abduction at birth. Affected calves are generally bright at birth but exhibit neurologic symptoms including spasticity of head and neck and convulsive behavior.

To learn more please read the press release

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