CDCB-AJCA Genetic Evaluations

Monthly Genomic Evaluations (November 3 update): The AJCA animal database has been updated. Reports have been posted in PDF and Excel format files.

August Official Genetic Evaluations:  Click here for averages of A.I. Marketed Bulls in summary, by NAAB status.

For your convenience, this website has three tabs for Bull reports:

  • A, F & G Bulls (A.I. Marketed Bulls), with separate sections for the Herd Register and Genetic Recovery / Jersey Expansion lists, then a section titled Reference / Locator Lists that includes the Expanded Type Tables, Top 10 Bulls Ranked by Category, Sire Conception Rate and reference lists (A.I. marketed bulls listed in NAAB code order and also in short name order).
  • Monthly Genomic Bulls, with separate sections for Herd Register and Genetic Recovery / Jersey Expansion reports, and a third section with young sire locator lists. Note: Genomic Evaluated Young Sires reports are updated the first Tuesday of each month.
  • All Bulls, where you will find the All Summarized Bulls report, plus the two historical reports released the first day of each official run.

Most genetic evaluation reports have been split by animal registry status into two lists: (1) Herd Register status (HR, no prefix), and (2) eligible animals recorded through the Genetic Recovery and Jersey Expansion programs. The cutoff for the female Genetic Recovery-Jersey Expansion lists is determined by the lowest qualifying Jersey Performance Index™ (JPI) on the HR list. AJCA animal recording programs, including tables showing the registry status based on parent statuses, are described here.


Put the Power of Genomics To Work for You

Visit the infoJersey Genomic Testing Center for all your genotyping needs and get 24/7 access to evaluation reports:

  • Jersey LD test:  $37 per animal (male or female) in REAP herds, or $47 per animal for non-REAP herds, plus CDCB female fee or initial male fee (table below).
  • Jersey HD test:  $100 each animal, REAP herds, or $115 for all others, plus applicable CDCB fee.


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