CDCB-AJCA Genetic Evaluations

Tuesday, December 2:  CDCB-AJCA official genetic evaluations released. Updates were implemented for the genetic baseJersey Performance Index2015 and Jersey Udder Index2015. For details, view This Month in Jersey Genomics webinar, available on demand.

Thursday, December 4:  BullsEye and JerseyMate now updated with today's release of the Active A.I., G-Code and Foreign Marketed Bulls lists.


Trait Weights in Jersey Performance Index 2015


Relative Weights in Jersey Udder Index 2015


For changes implemented by AGIL and CDCB, click here.

Ending Monday, December 8 ... Time 2 Transfer

Time 2 Transfer rolls back the transfer cost to the lowest, under 60-day fee for any Registered Jersey™ with a date of sale January 1, 2011 or later.

The price will drop another $2 per animal when transfers are entered on infoJersey or submitted in groups using Excel spreadsheets, reports generated from herd management software, or field-delimited text files.

Time 2 Transfer ends December 8. Contact your AJCA-NAJ Area Representative or Herd Services for details.

Put the Power of Genomics To Work for You

Visit the infoJersey Genomic Testing Center for all your genotyping needs, plus 24/7 access to evaluation reports:

  • Jersey LD test:  $37 per animal (male or female) in REAP herds, or $47 per animal for non-REAP herds, plus required female fee or initial male fee.
  • Jersey HD test:  $100 each animal, REAP herds, or $115 for all others, plus required female fee or initial male fee.