CDCB-AJCA Genetic Evaluations


April 2016 Official CDCB Genetic Evaluations:  Reports are posted in PDF and Excel file formats.

A.I. bull averages and standard deviations for April are summarized here. The complete Green (males) and Gold Books (females) can be downloaded from the "Print Edition" tab.

Note:  By AJCA Board action on March 12, 2016, bulls must be genotyped and have a BBR to be included in the reports for Active A.I. (code A) and Foreign Bulls marketed in the U.S. (code F).

For reports from previous evaluations, see Archives tab.

Generation Count and Breed Base Representation Implementation

Beginning in May, a Generation Count suffix will replace prefixes in the names of animals recorded in the Genetic Recovery and Jersey Expansion programs. The AJCA will also begin publishing the CDCB Breed Base Representation (BBR) number of genotyped animals on pedigree, performance and genetic evaluation reports, and JMS sale catalog pedigrees.

Generation Count indicates depth of recorded Jersey ancestry, and Breed Base Representation provides a genomic assessment of relationship to the Jersey reference group. Together, they simplify recording animals with the American Jersey Cattle Association, contribute to greater accuracy in pedigrees and genetic evaluations, and improve transparency of information.

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Put the Power of Genomics To Work for You

Visit the infoJersey Genomic Testing Center for all your genotyping needs and get 24/7 access to evaluation reports:

  • Jersey LD test:  $37 per animal (male or female) in REAP herds, or $47 per animal for non-REAP herds, plus CDCB female fee or initial male fee (table below).
  • Jersey HD test:  $100 each animal, REAP herds, or $115 for all others, plus applicable CDCB fee.


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